Ukulele Getaway in Palm Harbor has great start

We are here at the Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway and it is crowded!

When we arrived, “The Mighty Uke” movie was playing and the place was packed. It was so crowded that the last half of the restaurant was filled with ukers talking and meeting at tables because we really couldn’t hear the sound on the movie, although we could see the images.  So I bought the DVD to watch at some later point.

Craig Robertson is here and it was great to meet him in person finally.  I have watched his Ukulele Noir videos, tried to play music he’s written in my enthusiasm to learn ukulele and looked at much of his stuff online.  Although you get a sense of a ukulele person online, it’s always a treat to meet them in person.  I look forward to Craig’s workshop tomorrow.

Got a chance to say  hi to Victoria Vox who was sitting with the LoPrinzis and know they’ll all be great to talk with more and look forward to their workshops  tomorrow.

It was good to see Mike (aka Hoosier Hiver) from Mainland Ukes again. It looks like the Mainland Mango is a popular uke.  We started taking mango pictures.

Looks like a great group of ukulele people here.  Can’t wait to get out meet more folks and attend a few workshops.

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