Fred Fallin at Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway

After lunch we sat in a room warmed by the Florida sun streaming through the glass doors and listened to Fred Fallin, ukulele historian of a kind, tell us select moments of ukulele history.

He told the story of Franklin Roosevelt proposing to Eleanor by playing a certain ukulele song — the name of which I’ve now forgotten.

He told other stories and every once in a while he played softly on his ukulele to emphasize a point.  He has a great style on the uke.

He played quietly, very quietly.  Of course the ukulele doesn’t need to be loud to be beautiful.

You can imagine that  as the warm sun spilled into the room and the soothing quiet strands of ukulele wove their way through our  third sitting session of the day it made for a very mellow group.

Fred did say he would tell us later that day what happened to Bill Bailey (featured on the cover of the book Fred holds in the picture) but I had to leave before I’ve heard what happened.  I’m still wondering.


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One Response to Fred Fallin at Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway

  1. Ron Hale says:

    I’ll bet Franklin softened her up with Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World and then lowered the boom with I’m Yours and Hey, Soul Sister. How could Eleanor refuse? I hear old Bill Baily went on the road with Victoria Vox until his nerves gave out watching her strum ‘Piney’ while steering her car with her knees.


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