Craig Robertson Workshop @ Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway

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The morning workshop with Craig Robertson offered advice about being a successful performer, interspersed with several songs.
Some of his tips included:
  1. Know the song – Keep practicing the song for “muscle practice,” so that you and your hands will know the song. That way you won’t have to be thinking about the chords and the words when you are performing. You want to be able to perform without needing the music or a music stand.
  2. Practice as you will perform — Standing up and playing all the way through the song, even if you make a mistake.
  3. Make sure your ukulele is in tune and that you’ve selected a song that matches your voice. If the song isn’t in your key, transpose the key or your ukulele or don’t sing the song.
  4. Don’t talk too much – Introduce yourself and the song but avoid a lengthy explanation of the song or telling a long story (unless you are a very good storyteller).
  5. Check the mics are at the correct height and the right distance from your ukulele and your voice. Once you start performing, you don’t want to stop to make adjustments to the equipment.
  6. Keep your songs short, about three minutes. Have three songs ready — two to perfom and one just in case you need another song.

(Thanks to mango ukulele owner who took good notes in this session!)

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