Kala UBass: Inspiring Videos

Holding and playing a Kala UBass at the ukulele getaway a few days ago was a dangerous thing to do.

I don’t play bass.


But when I left I had a sprucetop Kala UBass in the backseat of my car.  Legally, of course.  Yes, it’s paid for.

Now, here I come YouTube and Amazon to find videos and books to learn how to play.  Of course there is the no-small-matter of finding time to pick it up and learn.

In the meantime, enjoy  Sebi’s videos.

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2 Responses to Kala UBass: Inspiring Videos

  1. Sue Williams says:

    I left with a Ohana spruce top cutaway concert. Pretty uke.


    • jlr7 says:

      That’s great. You have a soprano and a tenor, right? So now you can add a concert to the collection. Do you think you have been smitten by UAS — Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome ?


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