Victoria Vox in Technicolor

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A few weeks back, I attended the Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway.  Seems a long time ago. But I wanted to share a little about Victoria Vox’s workshop at the event.  She taught us how to play  “Technicolor Way” from her album “Exact Change“.  It was a great session and stretched everyone on strumming technique and rhythm.  You can view a segment of the workshop here where she plays the song more slowly so we could grasp it.

Vox has a great rapport with her audience.  You could see us teaching her how to reach us as much as she was teaching us how to reach our fingers around new chords.  She watched and listened as much as we did.

She was, in one sense, more successful learning her part of how to teach us than we were learning how to get the syncopation going in “Technicolor Way.”  After telling us to wait and not strum on the third beat, she then (after a few attempts at having silence on the third beat) had us all raise our strumming hand in the air for the third beat.  The result was success.  No one in the room strummed on the third beat because, well, our hands were in the air.

Perhaps she was ambitious to teach us that song, but we loved it.  As a group we had a lot of fun.

If you ever get a chance to hear Victoria or be part of a workshop she leads, then go for it.  She is one of the top workshop leaders for ukulele.  She’s funny, personable and approachable.  Once you’ve been in a workshop or session with Victoria, you’ll be watching for the next time she leads workshops near you.

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2 Responses to Victoria Vox in Technicolor

  1. Alaska Joe says:

    Any chance you could post the tabs/chord progression? Would love to figure this one out!


    • Ukulele Perspective says:

      Hi AJ,

      Actually it was more than a year ago and I really don’t remember the chords. She taught us just a section of the song where we all tried (with a lot of laughing) to play the rhythm. I think we only had three chords to remember but the hard part was the rhythm. Victoria likes syncopation and as great as it sounds, it wasn’t easy for a large group to do.


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