Interview with Gerald Ross: On recording and new albums

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At the Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway in November, we caught up with Gerald Ross.  I’ve met Gerald a couple of times in person now.  But the first time I met him him was virtually — at a distance.  I had discovered the ukulele and in combing the Web for ukspiration I’d found his website with lots of ukulele music.

I really became fond of a specific song —  listening to it over and over again while I was editing a video of montages from Second Life for my students to view.  I then thought it would be cool to see if Gerald, who I did not know, would let me use one of his songs in the video.  I emailed him and he responded that he would need to see the video — essentially to make sure there was no pngrphy in it.  I was surprised at the request but obliged and he let me use the song. Naively I had assumed all activity in Second Life was appropriate for educational institutions. But it was a good call on Gerald’s part.

I finally met Gerald in person at the Portland Ukulele Festival a summer ago and have had the opportunity to enjoy a couple of  his workshops.  It was fun to meet up with him again at the Tampa Bay Getaway in November, 2010.

Gerald is a fun instructor at the workshops and he’s always willing to share.  I’ve purchased most of his CDs now but managed to buy a copy of his latest Mistletoe Mazel Tov at the Tampa Getaway.  You will enjoy it.  I must admit  I am really addicted to the first song on the album, “Sevivon Sov Sov Sov” which is about the Chanukah spinning toy, the Dreidel.  That is what you hear in the background of the interview below.

You can listen to the audio interview here in this post or download the mp3 and take it with you.   Thanks to my interviewer and Gerald.  Happy listening.

Download mp3:

Ukulele Perspective Podcast Episode 2_ Interview with Gerald Ross

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