Merry Christmas: Keep your Ukulele Warm and Active

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Hope ukulele lovers everywhere had a Merry Christmas and strummed a few Christmas carols to warm your friends, family, loved ones.

Bringing music playing to any gathering can always cheer up the group.  And if someone is a grinch, have them strum a “C” chord (the easiest chord to play) on a tuned ukulele.  It can’t help but bring a smile of success as you tell them they are 1/3 way to playing a full Christmas carol (C, F, G7).   But better —  just strum. Your friends and family will sing.  You will feel relaxed. It’s the ukulele spirit.

Keep you ukulele warm and active as you get ready for the New Year.  I’ve just returned from cold North where it was fun to walk outside in 4 feet of snow.  That’s only because I knew I was returning to the snow-free South.  It was cold enough up there. Not the temperature for taking off your mitts and strumming outside.  Minus-eight centigrade is neither strumming nor fingerpicking weather.

Best to all of you who received a ukulele for Christmas. Make your fingers dance on the strings this new year.

Keep your ukulele warm.

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3 Responses to Merry Christmas: Keep your Ukulele Warm and Active

  1. Jeff West says:

    I gave an ukulele to a 9 year old girl and my diddley bow to my 29 y.o. son. I received an african drum — cool. I thought you were in sunny FLA, wherre did those icicles come from? Jeff


    • jlr7 says:

      Hey sounds like you had a good Christmas. The drum will go well with the uke! Was visiting in Ontario, Canada. Big time snow and ice. Where do I get to check out your first handmade instrument? Didn’t do any Web stuff for a week while visiting and missed keeping up with all my blogging uke friends. Back home in the cold sun now. ; – )


  2. Dick Adams says:

    We wanted to let you know the Cyber Hymnal™ has a new address: Your Web site links to the Cyber Hymnal™

    The old address now points to a pirate server in Panama which stole much of our content.

    Please spread the word about our move! God bless…

    Dick Adams


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