Blue Valentine: Ukulele in-a-movie-Preview

While waiting to see “The King’s Speech” (which I highly recommend ) the movie previews included “Blue Valentine”.

The music for the preview is accompanied by a ukulele — a not–so-well tuned ukulele.  But this can be excused because the protagonist is singing and strumming in a cold night outside a storefront.

You can view the preview and decide if it’s worth seeing.  There are far too many tears in the preview to make me think it’s worth waiting for a happy ending to that ukulele song.

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One Response to Blue Valentine: Ukulele in-a-movie-Preview

  1. Oh, it’s a tad out of tune..probably made worse-sounding by the aggressive strumming (i.e. “beginners’ stum”). I’d be happy with more of my students letting it all hang loose and sound like this young man..too much criticism!..let’s go UKE!!


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