Mixing Music — Ukulele or Native American Flute? Washington Post’s Click Track Challenge

[Update: 1/20/11 – How about that.  I placed third!]

The Washington Post’s music blog, Click Track, is currently running a challenge to see who can mix the sounds that come from the “metro’s rundown escalators.”   It’s not a contest, although that would have been nice.  The winner (voted on by  those who have to listen to the escalators on daily commutes) gets a year’s subscription to the Post. Oh well.

Does anyone know? Do they allow buskers/musicians to play (without paying incredible fees) in the stations in Washington?  There is an answer, it seems to me.

On to the challenge — check it out for yourself.  Posted in  “Remix the Metro” there are five mp3 files, one for each of the stations at:

I  couldn’t resist. With a time limited, fair attempt, I ended up using “Farragut North” for the main  rhythm section with a couple of highlights from “Metro Center”.  But Benning Road held no musical magic for me.

You may notice the absence of ukulele.   I tried.  But the sounds just really suggested another instrument to cover the cacophony.

There wasn’t too much change to the escalator sounds in my editing.  Cutting. Looping. A minor (yes, a pun) tweak to the pitch so the key of the NA style flute would be better suited.

I just know there’s someone in the ukulele community that could create an enhancement to the sounds provided.

Go for it.

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