Warms your heart: Cold Ukulele SunnyBoy at -10 C

With all of the snow falling in the NE United States and the cold weather that sweeps across the country, my Florida heart goes out to cold friends everywhere.

It is cold in Florida. We wear winter jackets. The rain feels like ice pellets. We chisel the ice from the bird bath in the morning.

But it is not as cold in Florida as where “Ukulele Sunnyboy” is playing in the video below.

It’s amazing that his ukulele sounds so good in that cold. If you visit his YouTube channel  several of his other videos show wonderful views of the moutains.

I discovered Ukulele Sunnyboy on Soundcloud and loved his ukulele style. You can’t beat the picture.  It would seem rather inspirational to play that high.

My favorite song is the ukulele solo version of  “Dancing Water”.   It’s a beautiful song. At times, the drone effect makes the ukulele sound like an Appalachian dulcimer. After listening to it several times, I couldn’t help but add an instrument and picked up my small D flute to play along.

I  recorded/remixed “Dancing Water” ouside — in the spirit of Ukulele Sunnyboy, who seems to enjoy playing his ukulele outside.  If you listen to the recording you will hear the Carolina wren and a cardinal (occasionally) join me in song.

Typically, if I play the ukulele or the Native American flute outside, the wrens fly in and sing with the playing.  The Carolina wrens particularly like the higher pitched flutes.  If I play a lower key of the Native American flute, the mockingbird will come and listen attentively.

Dancing Water remix with Native American Flute: Listen

Thanks to Ukulele Sunnyboy for the ukulele inspiration.
Sunnyboy’s solo ukulele “Dancing Waters” (below)

Dancing Waves – Ukulele Sunnyboy by Ukulele Sunnyboy

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3 Responses to Warms your heart: Cold Ukulele SunnyBoy at -10 C

  1. Jeff West says:

    These winter storms are so hard to imagine.

    My mother came from Northern Sweden. COLD
    My father came from South-Eastern Colorado COLD
    My step-father was from Finnlayson, Minnesota COLD

    They all converged on the Fan Francisco Bay Area. I’m staying. Yesterday and today were about 75 degrees and sun-sun-sunny. Winter is somehow staying away from the West coast.



  2. FIUL says:

    Beautiful song !


  3. Ukulele Sunnyboy says:


    Thanks for the kind words :-)

    Ukulele Sunnyboy


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