Courtney Naliboff’s Album and Ukulele Migration Lullaby

Courtney Naliboff, an English, music, theater teacher released her first solo album, Almanac online, as a free download.

You can read more about it but I suggest you download the album while you read.   What caught my attention in the story was, of course, the ukulele.

The promo reads,  “Almanac includes 12 songs that highlight the ukulele, trumpet, piano, guitar bass, drums, as well as ‘some weird keyboards’, and even the iPad and iPhone.”

I must admit I listened for an iPhone but there are several synthetic sounds that could have been created by a host of iPhone apps — music or other.  After the iPhone, I listened for the ukulele.

My favorite song at first listen is the last on the album, “Migration Lullaby” featuring the ukulele.  Since Courtney wants the album shared and “as many people to hear it as possible” I have included a listen of “Migration Lullaby” here.

You can download the album or listen to the songs streaming on the Almanac site.  I haven’t decided what I think of the whole album yet — although here’s a review.

The album is a mix of styles.  “Migration Lullaby”  will likely be my favorite.

What do you think?

Update — Courtney sent  a note saying,

“The iPhone provides the drum sounds for Sky Watching, incidentally, using the technobox program, and all the drum and keyboard sounds on Beach Reading are made with the Korg iMS-20 sequencer program for iPad! So much fun, but not quite as much fun as the uke!”

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