Kathy’s Projects: Baritone Ukulele

As I sit grading end-of-the-semester projects, I wonder what Kathy Matsushita will build during the summer of 2011.  Kathy is a teacher but in the summertime she is a luthier.

If you follow her on her website, she always takes on an interesting project.

Last summer (2010) she built a baritone ukulele and chronicled the journey.  She posts very detailed descriptions of her step-by-step building.  She also takes video of her workshop area and makes recommendations for tools.  It is, if you are interested in lutherie, also very interesting to follow her building of various jigs and molds for the guitars and ukuleles she builds. If you have ever built your own molds or jigs, you will know that in itself can take a fair bit of time and patience.

Check out the baritone from the summer of 2010 and follow the process.

It’s a beautiful looking baritone.

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