Sink your Teeth into an Ukulele: Nora’s Mewsical approach

I have been following Nora, the piano cat, for a while.  She’s charming — a cat that plays the piano for attention and applause.  This post describes her attempt at the ukulele.  I’ve not heard or read anything since then about her love for the little stringed instrument.

My own cat can play the ukulele with her teeth, but she is not often motivated to do so.  She does like to crawl inside the cigar box ukuleles when I am making them and is generally interested in listening to strumming and fingerpicking.  But she will not be a star on the ukulele like Nora is a star on the piano.

The whole question of cats and ukuleles inevitably leads to a search on the Web for a few good finds. But there are really, very few.  Did I miss any cat/uke combos?

  1. Sleepy Kitten Loves the Ukulele on Catsparella
  2. Stray Cat Strut by the Lansing ukulele group
  3. Everybody wants to be a Cat by Doc Findley
  4. UP date — Al at Ukulele Hunt shared this video as one of his faves which I’d not likely have found otherwise.  Somehow I never make it through the commercials on these videos.  The hurling (not the kittens the person) part of the video makes me not want to watch it (commercial or video) more than once.
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