Pogue’s review: Guitar — why not uke — on steroids

David Pogue’s review of the “new guitar” in his column “Rock Like Clapton on 4AA Batteries” is a must read.  If you care about making music — which I assume you do because you’re here — then you’ll be interested in some of the features of this guitar.

This “new” guitar will probably impact music making like the electric guitar did. It will go through some re-visioning, di-visioning, and more in-visioning.  I would hope somebody invsions a ukulele version of this — to contribute to the ‘ukulele perspective’.

A long while ago I’d hoped a USB uke would be released.  But to my knowledge, that’s not happened.  Now, it would need to be a midi-uke of sorts to keep up with the way things are moving.  If anybody has their hands on a midi-uke or USB, let me know.

Otherwise, keep the Ukulele Perspective!

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2 Responses to Pogue’s review: Guitar — why not uke — on steroids

  1. ukulelekuhi says:

    I never heard of the USB Uke before. That would be something! I could definitely see myself buying a YouRockUkulele if that comes into play. Cool site!


    • JlR says:

      Hey if you ever find a USB uke, be sure to let me know! Looks like you have a new site up. I like the lullaby! – JR


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