Always Thankful if you play the ukulele

Thankfulness doesn’t need to be reserved for Thanksgiving Day.  Happy belated one to you.

If you are here, I want to remind you how lucky we are to have the gift of ukulele and the desire to learn it.

If you’ve not seen this film, it’s worth taking the 12 minutes.  Don’t get thrown by the title “The Necktie.”   The movie will remind you that playing the ukulele gives you what few other instruments can give you — a ukulele perspective — good for yours and others’ health.

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2 Responses to Always Thankful if you play the ukulele

  1. ukulefty says:

    That was brilliant! Such an amazing short film. I loved the scene where he had all his birthday ties lined up in the closet, starting with the colourful one and then slowly greyer and greyer into black ties. A perfect metaphor for many people’s modern white collar city life…


  2. JR says:

    Absolutely true. At the end, he takes the brightly colored tie and revives his joy of life.


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