Christmas Eve: Leave your uke by the tree for Santa to play

Elf plays ukulele

Be sure to leave your ukulele by the tree on Christmas Eve so Santa can play a tune or two.  It’s surely a fairly stressful journey with a sleigh full of toys — maybe even some ukuleles for good girls and boys.  By leaving your ukulele by the tree, you help Santa de-stress and keep his jovial attitude for the remainder of his journey.   Of course, leave the milk and cookies too, because he’ll likely take a nip or sip between stanzas.

You may have noticed that if you leave your ukulele out in plain sight that it is more likely many can enjoy playing it.  You, yourself, may pick up your ukulele and strum a Christmas tune and notice how it gets you in the spirit.  Silent night  can calm amid the stress whether you strum it, or learn to fingerpick it.  Or maybe “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” will liven everyone up.  If you yearn for snow (the light fluffy stuff — not the storm stuff) you could invoke a light sprinkling with “White Christmas“.

In any event, a ukulele in plain sight is fair game for anyone to play.  As you can see from the photo even the smallest of elves can become a uke-elf.

This is a phenomenon that Kristen (thanks for the photo) captured when Charlie left his ukulele in the kitchen.  Elves are quick little folk so this was a rare capture.  Kristen was likely very quick with her camera when she heard the music.  But it is a great moment of uke elf music.

Be sure to leave your ukulele out of its case this Christmas.  Christmas Eve you could leave it for Santa, but Christmas Day be sure to strum at least one tune of thankfulness for the simple joy that four strings can bring.  This too, is what it is to have a Ukulele Perspective.

Merry Christmas.

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