3 Loves: Blend Ukulele, Hiking and Multimedia

Ukulele and Xylophone in Muir Woods

Ukulele and Xylophone in Muir Woods

How exhilarating!  Combining three loves — hiking,  playing the ukulele and multimedia!

The story of multimedia artists hiking 222 miles of the John Muir trail resulted in a variety of interesting great stories.  But the post I love the most: “The Ukulele Collaboration on the John Muir Trail“.

First, imagine the dedication to carry your ukulele flea 222 miles as Paul Bessenbacher did. And a xylophone (Bernard Chadwick) — now there’s a unique instrument on the trail.

(Aside: I must admit to now researching DIYs for tiny xylophones and/or a portable amadinda –a type of xylophone with a pentatonic scale from Uganda.  If you know of any great sites for such, let me know. Love the babydinda but it doesn’t look too backpack friendly.)

The post starts off with a great quote from John Muir and sets the tone for a great read and video.  If you do nothing more, watch the video and realize this was no casual stroll over the earth.

JMT Campfire Performance from The Muir Project on Vimeo.

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