Ukulele as a Solo Instrument: Public Domain Tab

The Ukulele as a Solo Instrument, 1916

Update January, 2015:  A newer post has been created with links to the songs listed below.  You can download these free pdf tabs at Judy RobinsonDesigns and read about how I have now scanned most of the book and made it available.


Spring is here.  And Spring cleaning.

After watching a horrific version of “Hoarders” the other night (it always motivates me to clean something)  I decided to embark on Spring cleaning.  In the process,  I  was delighted to rediscover one of my treasures.

I’ve  written about Bailey and Awai’s 1916 book  in 2010 (Pick Waltz tab)  and 2011 (Melody in F tab)  so I won’t repeat telling you about my initial joy when I first found the book.  There is some delight in re-finding it now.

In gingerly flipping (it’s very old and crackling apart) through this little treasure, I saw the term “muffled” and wondered exactly how often do you hear that word these days?  You will enjoy reading the instructions on playing muffled, in part because the instructions seem so formal.

You can read about muffled ukulele playing and try it  out in “My Bonnie”.  There are three pages here from the book (could only procrastinate from the cleaning for a scan of 3 pages).  The last page has the ukulele solo tabs.   Enjoy:  “My Bonnie” from “The Ukulele as Solo Instrument”

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