Where in the world is cigarbox ukulele, Olivia?

Oliva Cigarbox Ukulele

Wow.  It looks like Joker CGB at Box Heads United has solved his mystery about the Oliva cigar box ukulele that he found on the wall in a lodge.

But there’s still one more mystery.

Where in the world is the Oliva cigar box ukulele?

You, dear reader, first met the Oliva cigar boxukulele in 2010 when I told you I was taking her (b. 2009) to the top of a mountain to leave.

Nothing melodramatic, I just thought it would be cool to have a ukulele to play at the top of the mountain and not have to carry one every time I hiked up.  Although I love hiking and playing the ukulele,  I wouldn’t take my mango flea ukulele (as did these hikers on the Muir trail) hiking.  A well-sealed waterproofed cigar box ukulele is more rugged.  If something happens to it, I can make another one.

Olivia, cigarbox ukulele by Little River, Tennessee

And so, the Oliva cigar box (well sealed with polyurethane finish) was renamed Olivia for her new life.  After all, who doesn’t acknowledge all ukuleles have personalities and name accordingly? She  had a few photo opportunities and then was strapped on the back of my pack for a hike.

I had wood burned ukulele-perspective.com in the back of Olivia so if anyone wanted to know where she came from the blog could be checked.  And when it was time to come down the mountain, I left her in the lodge at the top for others to play.

But, she was gone when I hiked up last year. I had carried a set of Aquila strings in my pack to refresh her when I got to the top.  But she was gone. Yes, I looked everywhere and asked everyone at the camp.  No one could remember when she was last seen on the wall.

A lot of hikers pass by that way.  The Appalachian trail runs nearby and the past few years I’ve seen scout groups and school groups hiking up to the top.

I doubt I will see Olivia there this year.

And, you may have noticed, that’s her featured on the Ukulele Perspective blog banner.  I hoped that whoever had taken her will recognize her picture and assure me she is in good hands.

No luck so far.  If you know where she is, please let me know.  You can keep her. Just let me know she is ok and being played.

I am wondering if I should take another cigar box ukulele to leave on the mountain top.

Would the new one just disappear by the next year too? Should I woodburn “Do not take” on a satin finished spruce soundboard (it would stand out more and give you the sad notion that a beautiful spruce soundboard had been vandalized with wood burning.  You would think it was unattractive and not want to take it).

Admittedly, Olivia was pretty rustic (with a smaller fretboard and neck).  Small enough, I thought no one would take her and she’d fit in with her surroundings.

Should I take another cigar box up and leave it?  Would it only get taken too?  Should I woodburn an unmistakeable note that she should remain in her new home?

What do you think?

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4 Responses to Where in the world is cigarbox ukulele, Olivia?

  1. Ukulele Play says:

    Maybe you could leave it with a woodburned message that says, “Please leave me here for the playing enjoyment of all passersby.”


  2. Might as well bring another one. It definitely needs some kind of note though. Perhaps someone thought it had been forgotten or abandoned, and who wouldn’t want a rad cigar box ukulele?


  3. Thought I had solved a mystery, but discovered there was a new one. I am putting out the feelers on every cigar box instrument group and social network I am on. Hopefully it can be located.


  4. Reblogged this on boxheadsunited and commented:
    The Mystery of the Mt. LeConte Olivia Cigar Box Ukulele continues…


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