Native American flute & Ukulele for Christmas

Christmas songs for Native American flute and ukuleleIf you have played the ukulele for a few years (let’s see, it’s 7 for me, having received my first great ukulele for Christmas in 2006) then you know there is a certain amount of intrigue to learning new instruments.  Certainly  not to replace the ukulele, but to add to  your enjoyment of music.

One of the instruments I have added to play with the ukulele is the Native American style flute.  An unlikely combination, you say?  Not really.

Both wood Native American style flute and 4-string ukulele are very portable instruments.  Both are very natural sounding.  The ukulele is versatile in the styles of play — moreso I think than the guitar.  But that is my bias.

If you are looking for something to try with your ukulele, try the  pdf ebook Christmas Songs for Native American Flute and Ukulele.

The songs have chords that will sound good with the six-hole A minor Native American flute.  Your ukulele is tuned G-C-E-A.   Both chords for the ukulele and finger diagrams for the flute are in this book.  Finger diagrams show you exactly which holes to cover to get the right note.  You don’t have to read music to play.  You read pictures.

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