All the Ukuleles for a Photo


You wouldn’t think it would be a big deal pulling all the ukuleles off the walls in various rooms in the house to have a group photo.  But it was.

The Bushman tenor never made it off the living room wall.  The Applause electric Ukulele remained on the bathroom wall (yes). And the gourdelele, the $39 orange model, and a few other cigar box ukuleles didn’t make it to the lawn for a photo shoot.

someukesOh well.  It was hot, humid (it’s Florida). And I was worried a bird might do something to  the ones that had made it out to the lawn while I ran inside to gather yet more ukuleles for a group photo.

But these are from left to right.

  1. My handmade travel ukulele — the tinest uke I’ll ever have.
  2. My Ohana sopranino that really has a big voice for such a little uke.  I like this little ukulele.
  3. My made-with-Mike-DaSilva koa soprano ukulele (see the bottom of this post for slideshow). The most gorgeous sound.
  4. Soprano flea — my first good ukulele. Still pick it up first.
  5. A sprucetop cigar box ukulele that has the signatures of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain from when they came and performed in Florida a few years ago.
  6. A Mainland mango soprano from Indiana from when we visited.
  7. A large Oscar Schmidt soprano that was on sale in a store that’s now gone out of business.
  8. A Harmony Baritone ukulele that I purchased decades ago when visiting Stratford, Ontario to see “All’s Well that Ends Well”.
  9. A Kala Ubass ukulele that I really don’t play very often — but would like to. I hope to take it off the wall more and play it as background for the Native American style flutes I make.
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