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All the Ukuleles for a Photo

You wouldn’t think it would be a big deal pulling all the ukuleles off the walls in various rooms in the house to have a group photo.  But it was. The Bushman tenor never made it off the living room … Continue reading

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Native American flute & Ukulele for Christmas

If you have played the ukulele for a few years (let’s see, it’s 7 for me, having received my first great ukulele for Christmas in 2006) then you know there is a certain amount of intrigue to learning new instruments. … Continue reading

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Where in the world is cigarbox ukulele, Olivia?

Wow.  It looks like Joker CGB at Box Heads United has solved his mystery about the Oliva cigar box ukulele that he found on the wall in a lodge. But there’s still one more mystery. Where in the world is the … Continue reading

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Spookulele: Take your ukulele out for Hallowe’en

In a week, the ghouls and zombies will be trick or treating. .  I took my favorite cigarbox ukulele (Punch, with the vine inlay headstock) out for some color shots. My favorite Hallowe’en song is the “Monster Mash” but Ukisociety … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Ukulele Tab: When Ginny Kissed Harry

When I first saw the Harry Potter movie “The Half-Blood Prince” I knew that at least two of the pieces would be great fun to play on the ukulele. The first time you hear great music can be quite magical. … Continue reading

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Talking about Cigarbox Ukuleles with Mike of Mainland Ukuleles: Podcast

A visit to the Mainland Ukulele store in Nashville a couple of weeks ago was a lot of fun.  Visiting with Mike and Tootka, who own the store, resulted in several great photos and interesting conversation.  Below you can hear … Continue reading

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Cigar box Ukulele Olivia on top of the Mountain

A few posts back, I talked about taking Olivia to the top of the mountain and leaving her at the lodge for other hikers to strum.  This is a short slideshow of her journey from her first life, to the … Continue reading

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Pocket Ukulele or Sopranino?

Apparently there’s a new size ukulele that appeared at NAMM this year?  Kala has a pocket ukulele.  Is it smaller than the Ohana sopranino or is it Kala’s answer to the sopranino? I love my Ohana sopranino, although I have … Continue reading

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Travels and Back

Stopped on the way home again at my favorite pecan store and bought a plank of pecan wood to see how it might work into a ukulele. Took another picture of the second cigarbox ukulele in the cotton field.  This … Continue reading

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Last week for Cigar Box Ukuleles


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