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Ukulele as a Solo Instrument: Public Domain Tab

Update January, 2015:  A newer post has been created with links to the songs listed below.  You can download these free pdf tabs at Judy RobinsonDesigns and read about how I have now scanned most of the book and made it … Continue reading

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Earth Hour 2012: Play ukulele by candlelight

For Earth Hour 2012, vow to play your ukulele by candlelight.   From 8:30 – 9:30 switch off your lights and be part of the movement. The world will be a better place if we can recognize they symbolic importance … Continue reading

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Thinking of Two: Ukulele and Who what?

Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day yesterday.  Valentine’s Day led me to  think about how to draw those we love into our love of  playing the ukulele. You know, warm fuzzy inclusiveness.  Now your loved one may not want to … Continue reading

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3 Loves: Blend Ukulele, Hiking and Multimedia

How exhilarating!  Combining three loves — hiking,  playing the ukulele and multimedia! The story of multimedia artists hiking 222 miles of the John Muir trail resulted in a variety of interesting great stories.  But the post I love the most: … Continue reading

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Super Ukulele: Practice for Shimabukuro contest

If you’re not a superbowl fan then you need to pick up your uke and play.  I felt somewhat cheated by CNN’s use of Jake Shimabukuro’s “adz” and superbowl in a headline to get my attention about the ukulele.  So … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve: Leave your uke by the tree for Santa to play

Be sure to leave your ukulele by the tree on Christmas Eve so Santa can play a tune or two.  It’s surely a fairly stressful journey with a sleigh full of toys — maybe even some ukuleles for good girls … Continue reading

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Always Thankful if you play the ukulele

Thankfulness doesn’t need to be reserved for Thanksgiving Day.  Happy belated one to you. If you are here, I want to remind you how lucky we are to have the gift of ukulele and the desire to learn it. If … Continue reading

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Yamaha’s Guitalele: Guitar or Ukulele ?

Every once in a while when I travel to the coast, I visit the big city’s Guitar Center to see what’s new.  This last time, I found Yamaha’s guitalele hanging on the wall with the ukuleles.  Only $99. With its … Continue reading

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Ben Fuhrman’s work with the ukulele

Ben Fuhrman entered “Variations of Amazing Grace” recently in a ukulele contest on YouTube.  He has the score, to be played solo on a low g ukulele, available (free) on his website.  There’s other scores for ukulele (and a wealth … Continue reading

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Aaron Keim’s Two Chord Song Contest

Aaron Keim, creator of the Beansprout banjo ukulele, recently announced a call for two-chord songs. It’s a contest and will help Aaron with his next book. If you want to brainstorm check for ideas at Dr. Banjo’s 81 two-chord songs, or Blogging Muses, … Continue reading

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