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Native American flute & Ukulele for Christmas

If you have played the ukulele for a few years (let’s see, it’s 7 for me, having received my first great ukulele for Christmas in 2006) then you know there is a certain amount of intrigue to learning new instruments. … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to Kumbaya? The role of Ukulele in Life

The summer is gone.  What happened to it?  So fast.  Not once did I sit around a campfire and sing Kumbaya.  Come to think of it, haven’t done that for decades. Not long ago, Ron Hale wrote a lengthy response … Continue reading

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Slow down the music to learn it with Transcribe! from Seventh String

Found a nifty little app from Seventh String called “Transcribe!” that slows down music for you to help you learn the song, or write the notes down, or memorize the chords or… Haven’t quite figured out all the uses for … Continue reading

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