Earth Hour 2012: Play ukulele by candlelight

For Earth Hour 2012, vow to play your ukulele by candlelight.   From 8:30 – 9:30 switch off your lights and be part of the movement.

ukulele kalimba candlelight earth hour 2012

The world will be a better place if we can recognize they symbolic importance of  Earth hour which you can learn more about from WWF’s official video.  In the meantime, the Twitterfeed for earth hour is posting minute by minute pictures of cities being part of earth hour.

You can see the Tokoyo Tower in Japan switching off its lights for earth hour.  In Vietnam there are celebrations such as this one posted to Instagram.

And the photo I found the most interesting  this morning (that’s EST for UP) as I checked my iPhone was the before/after picture posted for Hong Kong.

If you play your ukulele by candlelight for earth hour, be sure to share a picture.  You miss posting it to instagram (#earthhour) or the Flickr group , or any other of the methods proposed.

If you don’t know what to sing when you light your candles and pick up your uke tonight, you could always download this pdf of lyrics, charge your video camera ahead of time, and  sing Edward Huang’s WWF Earth Hour Anthem.  I don’t see any YouTube vids where someone’s done it on acoustic ukulele yet.  And that would increase the song’s value — no electricity.

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